Marine Noise &
Vibration engineering


N&V Ship is an engineering company in noise and vibrations specialized in shipbuilding and the marine industry.

Our services include all the design phases of noise and vibration. From initial concept and up to detailed design, trouble shooting, diagnosis or shipyard inspection.

We offer our expertise starting at the preliminary project and finishing at sea-trials and commissioning.

Any equipment with mechanical failure or noise and vibration issues on operational units, can be analysed by our engineers. Mitigation are proposed on a cost-effective ratio.

Our experts have taken part in more than 100 marine projects. From fishing ships to FPSO, including motor-yachts or passenger vessels. We have participated in marine expertise including mechanical troubleshooting and cracks in hulls.

N&V Ship has a strong experience in field measurement and a good knowledge in shipbuilding, which permits us to validate our calculations based on prediction tools thus gaining the recognition with in the marine industry as noise and vibration experts.


The team

With more than 30 years as an acoustics consultant in the energy, environment and shipbuilding industry. Joël has taken part in many challenging ships projects and based on his knowledge and skills, was appointed technical expert for maritime expertises.

Having 17 years experience in the field of noise and vibration for the shipbuilding and offshore industry. Max has project managed over 100 ships and offshore assignments.
He has been involved in elaborating code for noise on board ships IMO-MSC 337(91) and in the application of the French & European regulations for noise and vibrations directive on board ships (directive 2003/10/EC – Noise and directive 2002/44/EC – Vibration).

25 years experience in the field of vibrations of rotating equipment, structural vibrations and predictive maintenance. Michel has also 30 years experience in the field of characterization, selection, failure detection and control of materials (training and expertise).


Some of our references :

  • Conversion of tanker to FPSO – noise and vibration feasibility study, noise map on topside, insulation design in accommodations and measurement during commissioning
  • Noise and vibration studies for new buildings of maintenance vessels from 50 m to 100 m length
  • Vibration expertise on LNG carriers in operation – vibrations measurements, displacement and operational deflection shapes of structure
  • Revamping of FPSO, noise design – noise map, insulation design in accommodations, noise mitigation
  • Improvements of overall acoustic quality of the new range of offshore multi-service vessels – studies, design and construction standards in noise and vibrations
  • Vibration expertise on 90 m fishing ships in operation – measurements and behavior of vibrations and strains following cracks on hull
  • Icebreaker 105 m length – noise and vibration measurement, diagnosis and behavior in ice
  • Noise and vibration design for new building motor-yachts from 40 m to 60 m
  • Characterization of passenger vessels exhausts for scrubber installation – acoustics measurement, pressure and pressure drop
  • Many noise and vibration diagnosis on ships in operation – measurement, diagnosis and mitigation